Interment of
 William L. "Bill" Woods


 MACE Respect.
Attorney!  Poet!
 5/3/58 - 7/16/06 
MACE Advocacy.
Serving and Protecting Teachers

              The MACE Staff Attorney, William Woods, Esq., grew up in Jonesboro, Georgia, and attended Emory University where he earned an undergraduate degree in political science.  After college he taught history in the Clayton County School District for four years until he was accepted to the Georgia State University School of Law from which he earned a degree.  After being admitted to the Georgia Bar, Attorney Woods practiced law in Jonesboro until joining with Dr. Trotter to form MACE.  (Attorney Woods also has a creative side, evidenced in his recently issued book of poetry, The Burger Boy, published by Cherokee Publishing Company.)   


The MACE Legal Services Department assists members in filing grievances (complaints) against their administrators/supervisors.  Attorney Woods guides the teachers concerning the language of the grievance, the appropriate law under which the grievance should be filed, and the timelines.  The grievance law was passed in 1992, and it is codified as O.C.G.A. 20-2-989.5 et seq.  Either Attorney Woods or Dr. Trotter represents the teachers in the various levels of hearings.  If a school board attempts to terminate, suspend, or demote a teacher in the middle of a contract year, the teacher has a right to be represented by counsel during a hearing – even if the teacher is not tenured (O.C.G.A. 20-2-940).  If a school board attempts to non-renew a teacher’s contract, the teacher again has a right to a non-renewal hearing – provided that teacher is tenured (O.C.G.A. 20-2-942).  The Georgia law says that only a superintendent (not a principal, assistant principal, et al.) has a right to reprimand a teacher for various reasons; however, the teacher has a right to be represented in a reprimand hearing (O.C.G.A. 20-2-944).  Teachers have certain rights under both State and Federal statutory laws and State and Federal constitutional law, but if teachers don’t know of their rights, then they can’t exercise them.


One of the main areas that MACE assists its members is in the writing of rebuttals to skewed, jaded, and inaccurate evaluations. So many administrators use the evaluation process in a manipulative, punitive, and retributive manner. It is used to control teachers, to shut them up, to take teachers down a notch or two, and/or to set up teachers for termination. MACE has a reputation for writing searing, acerbic, and poignant rebuttals and letters on behalf of its members. The administrators must be trained when it comes to messing with a MACE member. The administrators soon realize that if they attempt to use the evaluation process to mess with a MACE member, then MACE will assist that member in drafting a response which will expose the administrator to his/her administrative superiors and to school board members.



In Memoriam!


 MACE Mourns.
William L. Woods, Esq.!
Poet and long-time MACE attorney, Bill "Wood-man" Woods, has passed away of a heart attack.  We pray for his family, and we lament his absence. 
 5/3/58 - 7/16/06 
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Attorney Woods advocates on behalf of a MACE member at a local hearing!

Briefcase in hand, Attorney Woods leaves to represent teacher at a termination tribunal!

Attorney Woods has much experience and great insight in education law!

Attorney Woods discusses the MACE agenda with Congressman Scott!

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