Ericka Davis & Barbara Pulliam Scared? 
Dr. John Trotter Exonerated
of False Charge
in Clayton County!

Read Detailed Account of Clayton County BOE Antics!

Board Member Yolanda Everett's filing against MACE's
Dr. Trotter comes to naught!  Dr. Trotter states, "Yolanda Everett's claims against me are unmitigated lies!"



Dr. Trotter says:  "There is not a more exhilarating feeling than to be shot at and missed.  In my career, I've been shot at many times, incarcerated several times, but never convicted any time.  It's hard to convict someone who is innocent and stands on the Constitution of the United States.  The Constitution protects my kind of speech.  It protects unpopular and offensive speech.  Popular speech doesn't need protecting.  School boards and administrators just don't want to hear the truth."

 Time Ticking on Pulliam's Superintendency? 

Norreese Haynes' Inaugural BOE Speech!

 Is Pulliam Ready for the Changes? 
Clayton County
Changing Directions!
 Chairman Ericka Davis Enabling Pulliam's 

Pulliam's Immoral Reading Curriculum!





 Clayton BOE Chair Micromanages! 
Board Member Norreese Haynes Answers "We,"
 Barbara Pulliam & Ericka Davis!

Board Member Haynes' Scathing Response!

MACE Executive Director and BOE member Haynes enjoys election night congrats!

MACE celebrates BOE members Strong (seated) and Haynes (yellow tie)!


 Clayton County at a Crossroads! 
MACE Warned BOE about
Hiring Barbara Pulliam!
3 of 4 BOE incumbents soundly defeated, yet BOE then
 voted to extend Pulliam's contract through 2009!  How can Ericka Davis justify saying such a move was for necessary BOE "show [of] solidarity" when a third of BOE has been booted? 

Dr. Trotter blames Ericka Davis for leading the charge to hire Pulliam!

MACE picketed the 2004 BOE meeting, cautioning against the hiring of Pulliam!

There is no hope for Clayton County Schools until it is rid of Superintendent Barbara Pulliam!

MACE was right about Barbara Pulliam before BOE hired her! Now school system suffers!

 MACE-Affiliated Candidates Win!

3 of 4 BOE Incumbents Lose
in Clayton County!

Newly-elected Clayton BOE Members Strong (seated) & Haynes (yellow tie) lauded at MACE Office!

MACE Field Director Norreese Haynes and MACE Member
A. Michelle Strong Win Seats on Clayton County's Board of Education, Joining BOE MACE Member, Yolanda Everett!

 Gang Activity on the Rise in Schools.
Clayton Voters Boot One Board Incumbent!  Will Two Others Be Booted in Run-offs?
 Board Members Connie Kitchens, a remnant of the "Nedra Ware faction," and LaToya Walker need to explain their apparent support of Superintendent Barbara Pulliam! 
 Pulliam's Solution for Gang Activity:  See-through Bookbags. 

Around 75% of the vote went against incumbent Kitchens!

If Walker's a financial whiz, why's the school system in the hole?

Dr. Trotter cautioned BOE about a future with Barbara Pulliam!

You can read the letter BOE and Pulliam ignored below!

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 Millage Rate Maxed Out.
Will Clayton Voters Boot Board Incumbents?  Will Superintendent Pulliam Be Booted, Too?
 Board Member Ericka Davis spent most public funds at Chicago conference, said it was worth it for the "crash course in education" she obtained for her improvement! 
 Mass Exodus of Teachers from Clayton County. 

If Ericka Davis doesn't know about education, why's she on BOE?

Walker, Kitchens, Davis were BOE when accreditation was lost!

BOE lavished $13K at Chicago conference for school boards!

You can read the letter BOE and Pulliam ignored below!

Superintendent Pulliam talks to Dr. Trotter, but won't reply to letter!

Letter details a business' control of the reading curriculum!

MACE contends reading program is obscene & of dubious worth!

Why does Pulliam walk away from a written response to letter?

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