Earliest MACE Pickets!

The MACE pickets were the talk of the Capitol. The pickets apparently got under King Roy’s skin. One day, with wife Marie, Roy turned around and shouted at the picketers.

1. After Gov. Roy Barnes took on the teachers in 2000, several of his legislators got defeated later that year. And, of course, Roy got defeated in 2002.

2. Sending Roy a message in 2000: One Term!

3. Charles Melton (R) congratulating Rep. Darryl Jordan (L) for advocating for public school teachers in the Georgia General Assembly.

4. State Superintendent Linda Schrenko visits the picket line at the Capitol. She was greeted by the teachers who shouted, "Schrenko For Governor!"  A year later, she announced that she would indeed run for Governor!

5. Representative Jim Stokes (D-Covington) trying to explain to Dr. Trotter and teachers why his vote for House Bill 1187 really wasn’t a vote against teachers.  No one was buying his explaination. Evidently, Mr. Stokes was somewhat conflicted since his wife was teaching in Newton County at the time of his vote.

6. MACE picketers sending a strong message to the DeKalb County Board of Education in early 2003 concerning Superintendent Johnny Brown. The board now probably wishes that it had listened to the message.

7. MACE picketed twice at Fulton’s S. L. Lewis Elementary School during the 2002-2003 school year. "Richmond-Miller Must Go!"

8. Principal Straughn abruptly resigned this past school year. The Professional Standards Commission is now investigating his conduct.

9. A reporter with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (L) listens as Dr. Trotter (R) explains to Atlanta’s Dr. Thomas his concern for Atlanta’s "miracle growth" in test scores.

10. Atlanta's Parks Middle School.

11. Atlanta's Slaton Elementary School.

12. Fulton County Board of Education meeting.

13. A cold Fulton County picket. Ms. Hall has retired.

14. A Clayton County picket. Ms. Walston was transferred at the end of the school year.

15. A Fulton County picket. Ms. Thornton was transferred at the end of the school year.

16. Fulton’s former superintendent, Stephen Dolinger, came to Fulton on a "doctored-up" resume. This picket took place at a Fulton County Board of Education meeting.

17. Atlanta’s media and business establishment helped defeat Dr. D. F. Glover, a teacher-friendly Atlanta school board member. The "new" school board hasn’t improved the schools one bit. The teaching conditions are even worse!

18. Five Atlanta police officers pondering what they could do about another MACE picket at Sylvan Middle School. They could do nothing. "Atkinson Must Go!"


19. The late and legendary Hosea Williams helped lead the MACE picket against some Atlanta school board members and former superintendent, Benjamin Canada. Atlanta’s television stations and print media covered this picket.

20. A week or two after this picket, North Clayton High School principal Jo Croom abruptly retired. WSB’s Neil Boortz railed against MACE to no avail.

21. Principal Anita Willingham of Fulton’s McNair Middle School was the subject of at least two MACE pickets. She was recently transferred to the county’s Alternative School.

22. Mr. Price was principal of Atlanta’s Therrell High School. Shortly after this picket, he was transferred to one of the system’s alternative schools.

23. This picket at DeKalb’s Columbia High School drew a lot of attention on busy Columbia Drive. A DeKalb police officer pulled to the side of the road and watched the picket.

24. DeKalb County’s Bob Mathis Elementary School. "Thompson Must Go!"

25. A Clayton News-Daily reporter (C) talks with MACE’s Dennis Yarbrough. The picket was front-page headlines the next day.

26. A Fulton County picket. One "soccer mom" got really upset and kept shouting at the MACE picketers. She couldn’t out-heckle Dr. Trotter. (Mr. Yarbrough is behind the camera.)

27. Another picket at a Fulton County school board meeting. Fulton County doesn’t like to comply with Georgia’s grievance law.

28. One of several pickets at Fulton’s Randolph Elementary School.

29. Fulton’s Randolph Elementary School. Wasn’t A. Phillip Randolph a union organizer? He would be proud...

30. Riverwood High School up in North Fulton. When the students got out of school, they cheered on the MACE picketers.

31. At Fulton’s Riverwood High, the school’s student newspaper and the student-managed closed circuit television covered the MACE picket. At the end of the next school year, Principal Myra Reynolds abruptly resigned.

32.  Another Fulton County picket.

33. "Taylor Must Go!".

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