Dr. Jose Helena (R), Pres. of Gwinnett MACE.

Dr. Trotter (R) presents Jeff Cox (L) The MACE Person of the Year Award.




Dr. Trotter speaking before the Atlanta Board of Education.
Some of the juicy signs at the Clayton County School Board meeting on January 5, 2004.

1. Renewing acquaintances with Fulton Representative Nan Orrock.

2. Dr. Trotter (C) congratulating Rep. John Lunsford (R-McDonough) on his victory over Kay Pippin. Rep. Lunsford’s was the only race in which a Republican picked up a Democratic seat in 2000. MACE endorsed Mr. Lunsford who came out strong for teachers. Representative Lunsford’s fellow Henry County legislator, Steve Cash (R), voted against House Bill 1187. Representative Cash stood tall for teachers in the State House!

3. Representative LaNett Stanley-Turner trying to explain to Dr. Trotter and Mr. Melton why she voted against teachers. Her sister, Pamela Stanley, is offering her moral support.

5. MACE Staff Members Charles Melton (L) and Dennis Yarbrough (R) working the corridors at the Capitol.

6. Dr. Trotter gave some blistering speeches before the House and Senate Education Committees. Some of the legislators’ frail sensibilities were offended. Good! The teachers sensibilities were never taken into account. This particular speech was the subject of a lengthy column in the Atlanta Journal and in an editorial in the Atlanta Constitution. The latter blamed Dr. Trotter with giving the governor the moniker "Redneck Roy." Dr. Trotter responded, "Roy was teacher-baiting just like the redneck politicians race-baited in the 1950s." Hey, if the moniker fits...

7. Fulton School System lobbyist James Welch not wanting his picture taken. Atlanta Board of Education Staff Attorney Bill Linkous (L) staring placidly ahead. Fulton Personnel Director Dan Cochran (R) turning his head. After MACE member and State Representative Darryl Jordan gave a fine presentation at an Education Sub-Committee meeting in which he called for some needed changes in the state’s grievance law and had apparently made some head way, a few urgent calls were apparently placed to the Atlanta and Fulton school systems (the most egregious violators of the grievance law). Representatives from both systems shortly thereafter swarmed the Capitol, urging legislators not to change the law. As expected, Rep. DuBose Porter (D-Dublin), Fran Miller (R-Dunwoody), and Penny Houston (D-Nashville) caved in.

8. In the 2003 legislative session, the politicians proved that they heard the teachers’ outrage over Roy’s doing away with their due process rights. The politicians dumped "Roy’s law" down the toilet.

9. At high noon, Atlanta and Fulton delegates waiting to get into DuBose Porter’s office. The MACE proposal was endorsed in the morning’s sub-committee meeting by PAGE’s Barbara Christmas and GAE’s Bob Cribbs. MACE also endorsed GAE’s proposed changes in the grievance law. The school system and the legislators do get nervous when the teachers work together!

10. Giving Fulton Representative Joe Heckstall a copy of The Lion’s Roar!


12. "Teachers Are Watching."

13. "Save Good Teachers. Get Rid of a Bad Governor!" We did.

14. Mike Rhett tells it all!

15. MACE staffers Charles Melton (L) and Dennis Yarbrough (R) point out the Westminster Academy bumper stickers on Bobby Kahn’s family van. Evidently, Kahn, Roy’s Chief of Staff and one of the chief architechs of the so-called education reform bill, has his children at this prestigious private academy.

16. Apparently, Senator Joey Brush (R-Appling) agrees with Maggie’s sign!

17. A couple of Republican legislators join in the picket!

18. Fox-5 interviewing Dr. Trotter.

19. Representative Darryl Jordan dropping into the hopper The Teacher Bill of Rights.

20. MACE teacher Lenny Berger winning a $1,000.00 drawing at a MACE BASH in 1997!

21. Chip Jernigan won three different contests at a MACE BASH. He walked away with a check for $600.00.

22. Dr. Trotter and his youngest son, Matthew, at a MACE Holiday BASH.

23. The Card Drawing Contest at "The Las Vegas Extravaganza" Holiday BASH.

24. Colbert Lovett explaining how he survived Sylvan Middle School (Atlanta City).

25. Colbert Lovett still explaining how he survived at Sylvan.

26. Atlanta teacher Mrs. Gamage won a TAR! (Teachers Against Roy!) T-shirt at the MACE Holiday BASH for being the first to arrive.

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