Superintendent Salaries Are Outrageous!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

Most of Georgia's superintendents (and in other states also) aren't worth metaphorically wasting a bullet on them. That was a metaphor. You have heard someone say, I am sure: "He ain't worth shootin'." Well, my grandfather would say: "He ain't worth wasting a bullet on." Now that I have cleared up the fact that I am not violent nor do I ever advocate violence, let me now say this rather categorically: Most superintendents have to eat a lot of "do do" to get in the position of being "vetted" by the good ole boy system that is somewhat self-perpetuating and incestuous here in Georgia -- and I am sure in other states as well. Since they had to eat so much "do do" to be where they needed to be in order to be tabbed as the next "savior" for whatever school system is desperate (like when Atlanta hired Beverly Hall in 1999 -- heck, she had made a complete mess of New Jersey!), these booger-eaters and butt-kissers then tend to think that they deserve these whopping salaries from the public trough. At best they are just the top educrat on the educational totem pole, but they do not interact with any students. They issue top-down, heavy-handed commands as if this is some type of effectual "reform" (this is truly a worn-out word which I detest). All -- let me repeat...ALL -- so-called educational "reforms" which have been touted and ballyhooed through years have panned out to be abject failures, and I challenge anyone to defy this statement, especially these wannabe State Superintendents.

Yes, these school superintendents' salaries (and benefits) are way out of line. Like I said, most of these creatures aren't worth their salt when it comes to running a school system. I am sorry that you have to hear the blunt truth from me, but I don't apologize nor vacillate one scintilla. They are the problems, not the "saviors." Someone needs to stand up and say that Alvin Wilbanks, Beverly Hall, Edmond Heatley, Cindy Loe, Fred Sanderson, Crawford Lewis (and his interim replacement), et al., are naked as a jaybird. The educational emperors (and they do act like emperors, don't they?) are naked. Why are people so afraid to point this out? I commend the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for shedding some needed light on the superintendents' outrageous salaries and the concomitant behemoth bureaucracies which the superintendents establish to serve them, not the students. (c) MACE, May 25, 2010.

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