We Were Ready With A Clown Suit!
Is Crawford Lewis Being "Banned" From DeKalb?

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

At MACE, we have always called Crawford Lewis a "candy ass." He and his administration refused and still refuses to go by the State-mandated provisions about teacher grievances (OCGA 20-2-989.5 et seq.). I think that we conducted at least seven (perhaps eight) "Candy Ass" pickets against Crawford over the years. He didn't seem to like these pickets. We had actually bought a clown outfit and blanket-sized dollar bills (as well as very large bills to fall out of the clown's pockets), and we are about to conduct a "Crawford, the Superintendent Clown" picket when the police raided the Crawford's office and home. Oh well...We had to picket that day at Atlanta's Douglass High School because the interim principal was trying to mandate that all of the teachers had to work on that Saturday. (The previous principal abruptly resigned in the middle of the school year. It may have had something to do with a negative disposition that he received from the Professional Standards Commission after a MACE teacher had filed a complaint against him. Hey, I don't know.)

Well, our Clown Picket was aborted it. But, I did tell everyone on this blog back when Crawford stepped aside that he would NEVER return. I don't think that he will. I think that he is being "banned" from the Board of Education. Wow, look how these "banning" things work. I have survived several ridiculous false arrests and "bannings" through my years of advocating, representing, and empowering classroom educators. But, by the grace of God, I survive all and even outlast the so-called "banners." Looks like that I am still kicking up my heels and Crawford is the one who is being "banned." I now "ban" the DeKalb County Board of Education! You have been "banned"! I also "ban" DeKalb's pitiful legal team led by Josie Alexander. You have been "banned"! I finally "ban" the feckless Office of Internal Resolution led by State Senator Ronald B. Ramsey. You have been "banned"! (There could be hope for this Office because despite their cowering to the wishes of the Crawford Lewis Administration, I do actually believe that many of the souls in this office have good hearts. Even after the departure of Crawford Lewis, not all in this office have to, metaphorically speaking, "sleep with the fishes.") I "ban" Eugene Walker! I "ban" Jay Cunningham! I "ban" Sara Copelin-Wood! I "ban" Zepora (sp?) Roberts! I "ban" Bob Womack! I "ban" all of the DeKalb County Board of Education members! DeKalb School System is henceforth a "banned" school system! Now how is that for "banning"? I think that the mantra to follow is "ban not that you be not banned." The school board and the superintendency are in the political arena, and the political arena is the market place of ideas. If a superintendent (in this case, Crawford Lewis) and the school board (in this case, DeKalb County's board) can't handle a voice of a critics or his ideas about the job that they are doing, then don't try to snuff out the critic's voice by attempting to "ban" him or her. The same unjust "banning" that you try to lay on others may justly return to ban you!

Oh, by the way, we also had a gas can for the Superintendent Clown. We were selling gas which would get two miles per gallon! CrawfordCo Gasoline! Oh well...Perhaps Party City will give us a refund on the clown suit and the accoutrements. (c) MACE, April 5, 2010.

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