Testing Lobby Controls Public Education

Superintendents Only Want Weasel Principals!

By Dr. John Trotter

At MACE, we have been stating for a long time (even in pickets and articles) that there is systematic cheating taking place. If you are a man or woman of integrity, it is very difficult for you to be an administrator these days. This reality has been emerging stronger and stronger through the years, especially after the passage of the Quality Basic Education Act (QBE) in Georgia in the mid-1980s and the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) in the Federal Congress. Test scores were raised as the almighty gods which determine how "good" or "bad" a school is or a school system is. Quite frankly, the superintendents want "booger-eaters" as principals because they can be scared into doing anything just to keep their jobs. They know that their jobs are dependent on the test scores. Hence, fudging and out-right cheating takes place. If you do not go along with the program, then, as a teacher or an assistant principal, you are targeted. Educators who are good leaders with great people skills are not wanted anymore. For years, I have personally been telling people who have integrity to stay out of administration. There's no telling how many times that I have said, "All they want as principals these days are a bunch of weasels/booger-eaters." This is the state of the public schooling process not only in Georgia, but pretty much nationwide. Test scores drive and determine the curricula and everything else in public education, including jobs and promotions. It is this National Testing Complex which is bohemoth in size and drenched with money. The Testing Lobby now controls public education. It needs to be broken. (c) MACE, July 20, 2009.

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