Crawford Lewis: 

DeKalb County's

Superintendent Clown!

This Joke-of-a-Superintendent Must Go!

     I have not had time to read this so-called "independent report."  (None of this of type of reports is truly "independent" no more than the "hearings" before the school boards are "independent" -- the superintendent is trying to fire a teacher and "the judge and jury" team is the very school board which hired the superintendent.)  This "conclusion" does not surprise me ONE BIT.  I think that the DeKalb School System under the UNleadership of their clown for a superintendent, Crawford Lewis, will never improve.  DeKalb Discipline will continue to be an oxymoron.  The administrators will continue to sweep disciplinary problems under the proverbial rug and throw them back into the teachers' faces.  Teachers Beware:  When you try to teach in DeKalb County, you have to "deal with" certain thugs and bullies in the classroom (who not only "bully" other students but will "bully" you on a regular basis).  You will very, very seldom receive any support by the administration for this malaise of discipline.  Oh, by the way, you will be expected to not count off of the student's grade if you catch him or her red-handed cheating on an exam, etc.  Don't worry.  Just give the students' their grades (without any rigor or expectation that the students have to perform a any genuine standard), and you will be liked by the administrators.  That's why DeKalb has so many students who "make good grades" in their classes but cannot pass the end of the year standardized exams.  And, about 60% of these students who have been coddled and passed along under the "Premier" administration of Crawford (The Superintendent Clown) Lewis will have to take remedial classes when they reach the Georgia public colleges.  Hey, I have an idea, why don't The Superintendent Clown and I engage in formal debates with formal propositions with a live audience (and even televised) about whether bullying occurs on a fairly regular basis in "Premier" DeKalb?  That would be fun.  I issue this invitation to Crawford Lewis.  Do you think that he will accept the challenge?   "He's scared.  He's scared.  He's scared to shoot dat ball!" (c)MACE, 2009.

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