DeKalb's Crawford Lewis, Dummy Explanation, and Gasolinegate!

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

My spicy grandmother always intoned to us grandchildren:  "Be sure [that] your sins will find you out."  Superintendent Crawford Lewis evidently needs to get the DeKalb Board of Education to get him a car that gets more than two (2) miles per gallon.  Can you believe how Crawford Lewis tried to explain filling up his gasoline tank three (3) times in one day?   Does he think that we are imbeciles?  The sheer gall of his dummy explanation is beyond the pale!  No wonder the DeKalb School System is imploding!  Look who's "leading" the school system!  Well, we at MACE have been continuously  protesting about this "gangsta" school system and its corruption on the streets, in the media, and on the net.  We believe that the systematic cheating in the testing arena is only the tip of the gigantic iceberg of corruption in the DeKalb County School System.  Cheating, bullying, construction contracts, and now petrol.  Who would have "thunk" it...that of all of the junk going down in the Dekalb County School System, the thing that is probably going to bring down  Crawdaddy and perhaps have him moving back to Monticello is Gasolinegate?  And to think that this clown of a superintendent, Crawford Lewis, and his cohort of mini-clowns, Attorney Josie Alexander and State Senator Ronald B. Ramsey, tried to "ban" my presence in the DeKalb County School System.  Ha.  They couldn't and can't ban my ideas and words.  It is an honor to be "banned" by this Dubious Triumvirate.  (c) MACE, February 3, 2010.

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