Dr. Trotter Dissappointed In Senator Ramsey
More Revelations About Dekalb To Come?

 By Dr. John Trotter


  I was in attendance when Ron Ramsey (state senator and DeKalb County administrator in charge of grievances) illegally shut down a grievance when a teacher from Clarkston High School was prepared to testify about illegal cheating, and he was also prepared to call in witnesses.  I believe that I have an opportunity to meet with TV media personnel to air a story about this matter.  One particular station expressed great interest in the story.  I will be contacting this TV station shortly.  I have been out of the country and quite busy lately.  I hope that we can find an opportune time whereby we can fit this story in our respective schedules to shed more light on just how corrupt the Crawford Lewis administration is in DeKalb County.  If the DeKalb County Board of Education doesn't get rid of Crawford Lewis who is a joke of a superintendent, then the entire school board needs to be thrown out of office.  I was very disappointed that Senator Ronald Ramsey apparently felt the need to engage in a cover-up for the Crawford Lewis administration.  I have otherwise found Mr. Ramsey to be a quite congenial and honorable chap.  I see, however, that he has chosen to be a "company man."  Having a secure salary as an "employee" must seem more appetizing now to him than slaying the dragon each week as an independent lawyer.  The economically hard times sometimes makes easy "cowards."  Coach Vince Lombardi often stated that "fatigue makes cowards of us all."  I hope that Senator Ramsey will be able to re-capture his manhood in the near future.


  Of course, MACE did not just allow this illegal shutting down of the grievance.  We immediately staged several pickets (which were covered by the Channel 11 with Keith Whitney) among other things.  When the administrative weasels do bad things, you have to spank them in public and embarrass them.  Yes, MACE has been heralding the bad news of possible widespread and systematic cheating in the DeKalb County School System for some time now.  The egregious cheating at DeKalb's

 Atherton Elementary School is, I am afraid, just the tip of the iceberg in DeKalb.  MACE was the lone wolf in the wilderness talking openly about cheating in DeKalb.  GAE and PAGE have been mute on this issue to this very day.  Perhaps the cheating administrators were members of these organizations.  We know that they are not members of MACE because MACE does not allow administrators or supervisors to join MACE.


  Stay tuned for more revelations in DeKalb.  This year ought to be a very revealing and unraveling year for the Crawford Lewis administration.  As Dr. King stated, a lie cannot live forever.  © MACE, July 2, 2009.

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