Dr. Trotter Calls Out Mark Elgart!
DeKalb County Tries To Kill Messenger!

By Dr. John Trotter


   I have found that DeKalb County (and it is not the only system, but perhaps the worst) will go to great ends to cover up wrong doing.  In late April, they went to the end of trying to try "ban" me from being on any property in the DeKalb County Schools -- as if they can arbitrarily do this with egregiously trumped-up lies because they do not like my message to them:  They are engaging in corruptiom.  They seem to have the philosophy of killing the messenger if they disagree with the message.  They even had their joke of a legal counsel, Josey Alexander, to threaten me with arrest for "ïllegal pickets." For real!  Lol.  Of course, MACE kept picketing and drawing attention to "systematic cheating" in DeKalb.  Channel 11 (Keith Whitney) even covered one of the many pickets which we staged AFTER Josey Alexander's preposterous threat about "ïllegal pickets."  (Has she ever heard of Category One Free Speech Forums?  What about Content Regulations which, by the way, are patently illegal?  What about Ronald Ramsey?  Where did these lawyers go to law school?  Were they asleep in the classes when Constitutional Law was taught?)  Yes, Ronald Ramsey summarily and illegally shut down a grievance hearing when a Clarkston High School teacher was about to testify, along with other teacher-witnesses, that there is systematic cheating taking place in the area of grading at DeKalb's Clarkston High School.  Why don't the State's investigators start at Clarkston High School if they REALLY want to uncover what is apparently taking place in a widespread manner thoughout the State of Georgia -- and especially in the more urban areas?  Where is that joke of an educator Mark Elgart?  No standards have been violated, Mark Elgart?  Or, Little Markie, were you only interested in Clayton County because your little friend Ericka Davis called upon you for help?  I challenge Mark Elgart to a public debate about the hypocrisy of how SACS's so-called "standards" are applied.  It is hit or miss.  They are applied in the most capricious and arbitrary ways.  What about a debate, Mark?  Are you still afraid?  Still want people to treat you like you are a demi-god?  In my book, you and Crawford Lewis and Beverly Hall are three of the biggest educational hypocrites in Georgia.  Hey, Mark Elgart, I am calling you out.  Are you afraid?  My name is John Trotter.  You know how to contact me. (The foregoing was written on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's GetSchooled blog.)

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