And A Little On Clayton & Hancock Too
DeKalb County, Systematic Cheating, Robert Moseley, Race, Mark Elgart, Etc.  


  By Dr. John Trotter


  Yes, at least DeKalb’s Central Office Administrator Bob Moseley admitted to the cheating at Atherton Elementary School in DeKalb County.  This is a bit refreshing.  I know Bob, and I have found him to be even-handed.  He probably is the most qualified administrator in DeKalb to be the superintendent in DeKalb.  Did you hear this, DeKalb County School Board?  Oops!  He doesn't qualify after all.  He's the wrong color.  Robert Moseley is white.  This is another little dirty secret which I will let out of the bag...predominantly black school systems, like predominantly white school systems, are also racist in their approaches about who receives which appointments, if any.  Jobs in public schools are made based on racial considerations.  This is simply a given.  Tokens (be they black tokens or white tokens) are thrown in the mix to create some deniability, but nevertheless my assertion here is true.  Public school systems' decisions (eminating from the elected board members) invariably are race-based -- despite the hollow and empty protestations to the contrary.  This is unfortunate that promotions are not based on merit but on racism, cronyism, nepotism, sororityism, fraternityism, churchism, clubism, and, of course, who's-sleeping-with-whomism.  Sorry, Bob, but you are simply the wrong color in "Premier" DeKalb.  The citizens of DeKalb will just have to suffer under the clownism of Crawford Lewis.  Your colleagues did not want to face the music, and you were given this onerous task of facing the media about the egregious cheating.  You were a "stand-up" guy.  We at MACE have known about the serious allegations of systematic cheating in DeKalb for quite some time now.  We have written about it and filed grievances about it but, of course, the good senator's, Ron Ramsey's, office just shuts down a grievance which "Premier" DeKalb apparently does not want to hear for fear of more sordid exposure.  So, we have also picketed on several occasions about this systematic cheating.

  The DeKalb County School System is a corrupt school system.  Pure and simple.  A corrupt school system.  At MACE, we call DeKalb a "gangsta" school system.  I believe that the DeKalb County School System has possibly exceeded the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) in its corruption -- and this is saying something.  DeKalb County School System...possibly the most corrupt school system in Georgia.  DeKalb County will never improve under the un-leadership of Crawford Lewis, Frankie Callaway, Ronald Ramsey, Attorney Josie Alexander, and school board members like Sarah Coplin-Wood and Gene Walker.  The Clayton County School System looks clean as a whistle compared to the DeKalb County School System.   But, SAC's Mark Elgart is certainly not interested in taking on this educational cesspool.  After all, they did not fire his buddy, Dan Colwell, as superintendent.  But, if Ericka Davis would move to DeKalb and get elected to the school board there and find out that she couldn't get her way all the time and subsequently called Mark Elgart to help her out politically, then, yes, then Mark Elgart would leave his castle in Alpharetta and unleash his private company (SACS) against DeKalb, but he had better be concerned.  Those people in DeKalb County might not be as nice as those people in Clayton County.  Oh yes, Mark Elgart, have you ever heard of Hancock County, Georgia?  I don't think that the officials in Hancock County even think that they are located in Georgia and are subject to the Georgia laws.  Is it Hancock County, North Korea?  Are you afraid to go there also, Mr. Mark Elgart?  Crawford Lewis, Beverly Hall, Mark Elgart.  Perhaps the three biggest educational phonies in Georgia. © MACE, 2009, June 12, 2009.

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