MACE Is Vindicated On The Cheating!
By Dr. John Trotter
    Sometimes I don't get the latest educational news until a day or two late.  So, I have to tune into some of educational blogs (some of which are linked at the bottom of  TheTeachersAdvocate.Com).   I saw on the AJC.Com’s educational blog that "Nemo Black" was talking about MACE being right on the cheating.  Yes, I am afraid that this little "discovery" at these four elementary schools is only the tip of a huge cheating iceberg.   Teachers are afraid for their jobs.  When a teacher was going to testify about systematic cheating in grading at DeKalb's Clarkston High School in a grievance hearing, State Senator Ronald Ramsey (who is in charge of grievance hearings in the DeKalb County School System) summarily shut down the grievance hearing.  I am quite confident that Mr. Ramsey is getting his marching orders from that Clown of a Superintendent in DeKalb, Crawford Lewis.  Crawford Lewis's administration is apparently afraid to hold grievance hearings as mandated by State Statute (OCGA 20-2-989.5 et seq.).  Therefore, MACE tends to call Mr. Crawford Lewis a "Candy Ass Superintendent."  I presume that DeKalb is afraid of the truth.  Dr. King stated:  "A lie can't live forever."    No, I don't think that the State of Georgia wants to launch a REAL investigation on the widespread and systematic cheating which in apparently taking place in the public schools of Georgia.  It would undoubtedly be embarrassing for the State to be ridiculed throughout the country.  MACE has indeed been the lonely wolf howling in the wilderness, but it was easier for the Georgia Educational Establishment to cast aspersions toward MACE, to kill the messenger (so to speak) than to hear the message.   Now, if the State and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution would also turn its attention to the abysmal non-existent discipline in so many of Georgia’s public schools, this would be refreshing.  I know that the task could be quite overwhelming, but until we finally just openly give up on any true schooling taking place in the urban settings, then we need quit pontificating about "school reform."  © MACE, 2009, June 11, 2009

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