MACE:  Administrators Are Ruining Our Schools!

By Dr. John Trotter


    At MACE we have never ceased to be amazed at the abject dishonesty which permeates the "Public Educational-Industrial Complex," if President Eisenhower will forgive my b_stardizing of his "Military Industrial Complex" phrase.  (Come to think of it, that phrase might have been “Industrial Military Complex.”)  Education has the biggest budget in the State.  Too many well-paid educrats are living too high off the hog and off the fat of the lamb to jeopardize their standings.  Their philosophy is to raise the test scores "by any means necessary."  It is one big game, but the public is just beginning to see through this deceiving mirage.  I am afraid that before any genuine improvement can take place in our public schooling process in Georgia, the educational "house of cards" (first started by the Quality Basic Education Act in the mid-1980s) in Georgia will first have to completely collapse.  Kathy Cox and ones of her educational ilk can only dumb-down the tests so much.  Eventually the cheating administrators might even run out of erasers.  The schools need to be returned to men and women of integrity and compassion.  Now, most of the administrators in Georgia are mean-spirited rubes.  This is a nasty combination.  Let me speak this next sentence with candor and with a clarion voice, a voice not left for any misunderstanding.  At MACE, we truly believe that administrators are ruining our public schools in Georgia.  It's not the teachers; it's the administrators.  Metaphorically speaking, most of the administrators need to be taken out back and horse-whipped.  They are not worth a plugged nickel.  Saint Paul once wrote to the Galatians:  "Have I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?"  No wonder the administrators don't like me or MACE.  My feelings are not hurt one bit.  My dog Graci adores me.   © MACE, 2009, June 9, 2009

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