Treating Teachers Like Sh_t!

  It will be up to the teachers to say finally and collectively, "We're not going to take this sh_t any longer!"  The politicians are clueless and gutless.  They will not help the downtrodden and beleaguered teachers.  The teachers will simply have to stand up.  Treating teachers like sh_t violates all theories of effective human interaction, be it Lewin's, Maslow's, or Rogers's.  You simply cannot scare the h_ll out of a teacher, stress out the teacher concerning job security, expect the teacher to take constant sh_t from the students and their crazy-a_s parents, demand that the teacher turn in reams of inane and useless "lesson plans," and expect the teacher to be effective in the classroom.  No one could be effective under these circumstances -- not Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, nor the almighty Harry Wong!  Treating Teachers Like Sh_t Doesn't Increase Student Achievement.  Have I used the word "sh_t" enough?  What is worse -- saying the word or treating fellow human beings like [sh]it? (c) MACE, June 5, 2009.

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