Bringing In Supe From “Hotel California”
The “GAP” Team Leading Clayton School Board Further Down The Road of Destruction?    
    On another note about how school boards are always looking for a “savior” or “panacea,” wouldn’t you know it that the Clayton County Board of Education made another stupid move and hired a “reject” from California to be its new superintendent, Edmond Heatley, a retired Marine drill sergeant.  I have read from Chino Valley, California sources that he doesn’t like dissent and essentially it is “his way or the highway.”  Haven’t we seen his type before?  Clayton County is a Graveyard for Superintendents.  The Board should have kept Interim Superintendent Valya Lee or hired Rockdale Superintendent (and former Clayton County Assistant Superintendent and Georgia’s Educator of the Year) Dr. Sam King.  No, this would have made too much sense.  No one has ever accused this school board of having too much sense.  I think that school board member Pam Adamson is leading around Chairperson Alieka Anderson like Alieka has a hook in her nose.  Alieka is apparently being told what to do by Anderson and Cobb County attorney Glenn Brock who is apparently angling for the legal services again.  Perhaps Glenn, who “served” as the Cheap Superintendent Recruiter, thought he might end up as School Board Attorney with the California Chap from Chino Valley.  Wow, how our special agendum can blur our vision.  Only a blind man could not see that Clayton County had two great educators, Dr. Lee and Dr. King, within its reach, two people who are highly respected by the community and by teachers and administrators alike.  The Glenn-Alieka-Pam (GAP) Team (with Mark Elgart apparently whispering instructions into the team members’ ears) is like the Amazin’ Mets of the Early Years.  Which one is Early Wynn?  They were truly laughable in those days with Casey Stengel managing them.  You also can’t help but to guffaw when you think of the actions of the Clayton Board of Education.  I saw on Cable T. V. when Alieka Anderson was trying to justify the school board’s San Diego trip that she was bragging that the board members were actually meeting with superintendent candidates…hence, the superintendent from “Hotel California.”  Hey, Alieka, have you ever hear of the Open Meetings Law?  Did the school board advertise these California meetings?  Don’t you realize that less than a year ago four Clayton school board members were ostensibly removed for continually violating the Open Meetings Law?  Wow, that wasn’t too smart.  But, I remember when Glenn Brock, the State Board members Bryant and Bostic, and SAC’s Mark Elgart all met illegally behind closed doors with the Clayton County Board of Education.  I guess this law just applies when the Big Boys want it to apply…for their convenient purposes.  May 18, 2009.  © MACE, 2009.

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