MACE Is Not For Everyone!  
  Yes.  That’s right.  MACE is just for the Classroom Educators.  MACE specializes in representing, protecting, and empowering Classroom Educators.  No other organization specializes in just Classroom Educators. Only MACE.  If you have congestive heart failure, you don’t go to a generalist, do you?  You don’t visit an Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist, do you?  You always want to see a Heart Specialist if you have heart problems.  If you are a Classroom Educator, why would you join a generalist organization like GAE or PAGE?  If you are a Classroom Educator, you join a union which specializes in issues which face the Classroom Educator.  This is what MACE specializes in – taking care of the Classroom Educator.  No other organization does this.  No, not even one. 

   MACE knows what the issues are with Classroom Educators.  MACE knows what the problems are in Public Education.  The issues are not that teachers need more training and more supervision.  The issues are not about putting teachers on Professional Development Plans (PDPs) or making them turn in exhaustive, detailed lesson plans. 
MACE knows that the real problems in Public Education are the following:  (1) Defiant & Disruptive Students; (2) Irate & Irresponsible Parents; and (3) Angry & Abusive Administrators.©  No other organization will dare to seriously address these issues.  The administrators are even members of GAE and PAGE.  MACE alone confronts these issues in a head-on fashion.  You cannot have good learning conditions until you first have good teaching conditions.©  If the Governor, the General Assembly, policy-makers, business leaders, and parents want real reform (and not just window-dressing poppycock), then the Classroom Educators must be empowered to do their jobs.  The student thugs must be removed from the regular school environment.  Order is the first law of the Universe, and without order, a school will always be in chaos.©  (Yes, MACE copyrights these phrases because MACE coined them and is the only organization which unapologetically uses them.) 

   MACE does not hate administrators (in fact, I use to be one, my father is a retired principal, and my brother is retiring next month as a principal).  MACE does not dislike school secretaries (my sister-in-law used to be one).  MACE is not distrustful of bus drivers (a school system cannot properly function without them).  MACE simply specializes in Classroom Educators.  You would not go to a Podiatrist with a kidney ailment.  MACE specializes in representing, protecting, and empowering Classroom Educators.  No organization does this better than MACE.  It is just that simple.  MACE is not the biggest organization but it is more powerful than any other organization when it comes to representing, protecting, and empowering Classroom Educators.  MACE will be entering its 14th year this Fall.  MACE is stronger than ever, “full of piss and vinegar.”  When new teachers come to
Georgia each year, many of them have never heard of MACE.  Join the MACE Crusade, reach out to enroll them into MACE, and do your part in empowering Classroom Educators in Georgia

   MACE is different, and this fact alone scares other organizations and administrators  and causes them to dislike and to fear MACE.  Are administrators
really afraid of MACE?  Yes.  One school board attorney of a large school system once quipped:  “MACE terrorizes the principals.”  Good.  That’s the way it should be if the principal is terrorizing the teachers.  MACE does indeed devour administrators who abuse Classroom Educators.  When you mention “MACE,” the administrators do indeed listen. 
   What are the issues affecting Classroom Educators?  MACE knows these issues like the back of its hand.  MACE specializes in treating these issues.  Disciplinary Problems.  Thugs in the classroom.  Detailed, exhaustive, and useless lesson plans.  Inane and wasteful paperwork.  Unfair evaluations.  Student apathy.  Overcrowded classes.  Little or no supplies.  Administrative snoopervision.  Lack of administrative support, consistency, etc., in student discipline.  Lack of parental concern.  Administrative abuse of Classroom Educators (the only real educators in the school system, working in the trenches and on the front line each day and actually interacting with students).  Crazy and berating parents.  Certification games.  Non-instructional duties.  Incompetent administrators.  Inequitable treatment by administrators.  Do you get the picture?  GAE and PAGE cannot address these issues because they have too many conflicts of interest and not enough vim and vigor.  

   May 19, 2008

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