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MACE Rate.
Needy Administrators

   It is MACE’s position that teachers ought to be allowed to do formal evaluations of administrators who work at their schools. If 50 or 100 teachers (depending, of course, on the size of the teaching faculty) evaluated their principal(s) or assistant principal(s), a much more accurate picture of reality would emerge than having one principal evaluating 50 or 100 teachers. That principal is limited to just one perspective, and he/she may have on blinders or his/her vision may be affected by a screen over his/her eyes. It only makes sense that teachers be allowed to participate in the evaluation process of administrators! In some school systems, this used to take place. Perhaps today the superintendents and school boards don’t want to know what teachers think about their administrators. Whatever the case, MACE believes that an evaluation is in order! The following administrators and school board members have been evaluated by MACE, and MACE has found that their performance, from MACE’s perspective, NEEDS IMPROVEMENT (NI)

   The following fifteen, along with the complete list, are for your future job considerations: 

  1. Douglas Hendrix, Human Resources (Clayton County)
  2. Ron Wade, Human Resources (Fulton County)
  3. Glenn Brock, School Board Attorney (Fulton, Cobb, Clayton, Cherokee)
  4. Erroll Davis, Superintendent (Atlanta City)
  5. Teressa Watson, Principal, Hayes Intermediate School (Cobb County)
  6. Gregory Middleton, Principal, Tubman ES (Fulton County)
  7. William Bradley, Principal, Banneker HS (Fulton County)
  8. Patrice Moore, Principal, Bryant ES (Cobb County)
  9. Alvin Wilbanks, Superintendent (Gwinnett County)
  10. Raina Brown, Assistant Principal, Rockbridge ES (Gwinnett County)
  11. Laurie Allison, Central Office (Gwinnett County)
  12. Tyronne Smith, Principal, Mays High School (Atlanta City)
  13. Jamille Miller-Brown, Principal, Forest Park MS (Clayton County)
  14. Nancy DiPetrillo, Principal, Russell ES (Cobb County)
  15. Sandra Irvin, Principal, Lindley MS (Cobb County)
 (This list is by no means an exhaustive one, and MACE is sure that there are others who deserve NI rating. If you know of others who may deserve an NI rating, bring them to the attention of MACE.)



Atlanta Public Schools

Erroll Davis, Superintendent   

Karen Waldon, Deputy Superintendent

Patricia Wells, Administrator (formerly of Carson MS)

Jermaine Dawson, Principal, Harper Archer MS   

Esmie Gaynor, Principal, Therrell HS

   Lorraine Reich, Principal, Jackson ES

     Aaron Fernander, Administrator, Central Office

   Alfonso Jessie, Principal, Cascade ES

    Sterling Christy, Principal, Price MS

    Tyronne Smith, Principal, Mays HS

      Artesza Portee, Assistant Principal, Price MS

   William WadePrincipal, Sylvan MS

            Sharon Ordu, Administrator (formerly of Brown MS)

 Flora Goolsby, Principal, Carson MS

Shirlene Carter, Principal, Jackson HS

         Lasana Tunica El, Chairman, Drew Charter Board

   Cynthia Kuhlman, Director, Drew Charter Board

   Carol Naughton, Director, Drew Charter Board

   Cherea Foreman, Primary Academy Director, Drew Charter

   Keisla Tisdel, Principal, Bunche MS

Wislene John, Assistant Principal, Bunche MS

      Rodney Ray, Principal, Carver HS

     Yolanda Brown, Principal, Springdale Park ES

  Vincent Murray, Principal, Grady HS

Betsy Bockman, Administrator, Central Office 

Dianne Griffin, Administrator, (formerly of A. D. Williams ES)

Karen Riggins-Taylor, Principal, Turner MS 

Donnell Underdue, Administrator, Central Office

Borris Hurst, Principal, Washington HS

Tiuana Crooms, Assistant Principal, Washington HS

Tamara Larkin-Currie, Administrator, (formerly of White ES)

Mary J. Harris, Academy Leader, Douglass HS

Caitlin Sims, Principal, Grove Park ES

Marcene Thornton, Principal, Carver Early College HS

Charcia Nichols, Principal, Washington Banking, Finance & Investing HS

Allison Marks, Principal, Harper-Archer MS

Lucy Motley, Assistant Principal, Harper-Archer MS

Carter Coleman, Assistant Principal, Harper-Archer MS

Jarod Scott, Principal, South Atlanta HS of Computer and Design

Patricia Ford, Principal, South Atlanta HS of Science and Medical

Peter McKnight, Principal, South Atlanta HS of Law and Justice

Anyee Moreland, Principal, Gideons ES

Charles Penn, Principal, Thomasville Heights ES

Michael McKnight, Principal, King MS

Sherri Bennett, Principal, Parks MS

Mesha Greene, Principal, Fain ES

Shawn Bender, Principal, Perkerson ES

Stephanie Johnson, Principal, Jackson HS

 Maureen Wheeler, Principal, Hope Hill ES

Tasharah Wilson, Principal, Booker T . Washington HS 

Kevin Scott, Principal, Young MS 

Joseph Salley, Principal, L.O. Kimberly ES 


Bibb County Schools


Romain Dellamand, Superintendent   

Laura Perkins, Principal, Westside HS

   Keith Simmons, Assistant Principal, Westside HS

   Charlene Curry, Assistant Principal, Westside HS

   Benjamin Spann-Colbert, Principal, Alternative School

Keela Malone, Principal, Walter P. Jones ES

Kim Reining, Assistant Principal, Central HS



Cartersville City Schools


Jeff Hogan, Principal, Cartersville MS

Brenda Campbell, Assistant Principal, Cartersville MS


Carroll County Schools


Kevin Aviles, Assistant Principal, Bowdon HS

Lorie S. Teal, Assistant Principal, Bowdon ES

Carla Meigs, Principal, Sandhill ES 


Camden County


Pennie Davis, Assistant Principal, Camden County HS

John Tucker, Principal, Camden County HS

Dean Slusser, Assistant Principal, Camden County HS


Chattahoochee County Schools


Jay Cox, Assistant Superintendent 


Cherokee County Schools


 Nicole Holmes, Principal, Liberty ES 

Christy Bowling, Principal, Arnold Mills ES

Andrea Puhy, Assistant Principal, Woodstock ES

Tom Usry, Assistant Principal, Woodstock ES

Vanessa Suarez, Principal, Cherokee Charter Academy

Dana Burton, Assistant Principal, Cherokee Charter Academy

Kerry Martin, Principal, Mill Creek MS 


Clarke County Schools


Robbie Hooker, Principal, Clarke Central HS


Clayton County Schools


Edmond Heatley, Superintendent

 Janis Striggles, Assistant Principal, Lee Streeet ES

Monica Wiley, Principal, Eddie White Academy

Douglas Hendrix, Human Resources

      Debra Smith, Principal, Lovejoy ES

   Margie Dam, Staff Development

Gary Lomba, Principal, Lee Street ES

   Velma Mobley, Principal, Tara ES

   Kay Sledge, Assistant Superintendent, Middle Schools

   Marsha Hood, Principal, Lake Ridge ES

     Bobbie Ford, Administrator, Staff Development

         Donna Jones Jackson, Principal, James A. Jackson ES

      James Wilburn, Coordinator, Adult Education

    Monique Drewry, Principal, Forest Park MS

   Delphia Young, Acting Central Office Administrator

   Tammy Burroughs, Principal, Morrow ES

      Donna Vining, Principal, Kilpatrick ES

          Benjamin Moore, Principal, Alternative School

      Jacquita Vickers, Assistant Principal, Pointe South MS

   Felicia Brown, Principal, Jonesboro HS

  Dean Lillard, Maintenance Director

 Melvin Blocker, Principal, The Alternative School

Nancy Said, Principal, Unidos Dual Language School

Derrick Dalton, Principal, Mundy's Mill MS

William Blackwood, Assistant Principal, Mundy's Mill MS

Sharra Cunningham, Assistant Principal, Mundy's Mill MS

Jamilah Hud-Kirk, Principal, Fountain ES

Janel Turner, Assistant Principal, Mt. Zion Primary 

Cynthia Dickerson, Principal, Anderson ES

Charles Wilkerson, Principal, Adamson MS

William Greene, Principal, Mundy's Mill HS

Pamela Pitts, Principal, Morrow HS

Melanie Conner, Assistant Principal, Morrow HS

LaTonya Paige, Principal, Huie ES 

Adrian Courtland, Principal, Riverdale MS 

Melvin Blocker, Assistant Principal, Mt. Zion HS 


Cobb County Schools


James Woodyard, 6th Grade Administrator, Jasper M. Griffin MS

Teresa Watson, Principal, Hayes ES

  Steven Milletto, Principal, Osborne HS      

Patrice Moore, Principal, Bullard ES

Sandra Ervin, Principal, Lindley MS

Nancy DiPetrillo, Principal, Russell ES

Lisa Williams, Principal, Barber MS

Mark Trachtenbroit, Principal, Kennesaw Mountain HS

 Alison Broughton, Principal, Baker ES

Coweta County Schools


Terri Lasseter, Principal, Newnan Crossing ES

   Schwanda Jackson, Assistant Principal, East Coweta MS

      Evan Horton, Werz Central Office


 Crisp County Schools 


Mary Seay, Director/Principal, Flint Area Learning Program (FALP)


Dawson County Schools   


William Zadernak, Principal, Riverview MS


DeKalb County Schools


Rosemary Malone, Principal, Avondale ES

Agnes Onoabhagbe, Assistant Principal, Avondale ES 

Susan McCauley, Principal, DeKalb School of the Arts 

Mindee Adamson, Assistant Principal, Druid Hills HS

   Margie Smith, Principal, Dekalb Alternative 

   Pammy Darden, Assistant Principal, Cedar Grove HS

   Sherry Everett, Principal, Clarkston HS

   Kenn Baker, Principal, MLK HS

   Frankie Callaway, Deputy Superintendent

   Derrica Boochee-DavisNGA Coordinator, Columbia HS

   Sylvester Nelloms, Assistant Principal, Avondale HS

   Tova Jackson Davis, Central Office Administrator

   Beverly Jackson, Principal, Glen Haven ES

   Angela Pringle, Principal, Stephenson HS

   Yvonne Butler, Principal, Brown's Mill ES

   Terry McMullen, Principal, Bethune MS

   Cathy Dorsey, Assistant Principal, Stephenson HS

   Thomas Glanton, Central Office Administrator

   Jamie Wilson, Central Office Administrator

   Carlous Daniel, Principal, Chapel Hill MS

   Obelia Hall, Assistant Principal, Stephenson MS

   Vonzia Phillips, Central Office Administrator

   Juanita Letcher, Principal, Panola Way ES

   Carolyn Thompson, Central Office Administrator

   Paulette Hammonds, Principal, Freedom MS

   Cherrie Tate, Assistant Principal, Cary Reynolds ES

   Rhonda Jordan, Assistant Principal, Stone Mountain MS

   Sandra Mack, Assistant Principal, Clarkston HS

   Russell Hearn, Principal, Indian Creek ES

   Ruth E. Johnson, Assistant Principal, Harris ES

   Rose Wiggins, Assistant Principal, Clarkston HS

    Leola Orr, Principal, Toney ES

   Annette Williams, Principal, Transition Academy

   Crawford Lewis, Superintendent

   Ron Kitchens, Principal, Wadsworth ES

   Nikki Hildebrand, Principal, Snapfinger ES

   Carolyn Williams, Principal, Southwest DeKalb HS

   Randel Johnnicon, Assistant Principal, Redan MS

   Carolyn English, Principal, Meadowview ES

   Garland Frazier, Assistant Principal, Stone Mountain MS

   A. M. Speer, Principal, Miller ES

   Toni Fallon, Principal, Rockbridge ES

   Gwendolyn Bouie, Central Office Administrator

   Cecil Clark, Principal, Knollwood ES

   Clarence Callaway, Director, Destiny Academy

   Ron Davis, Administrator, Service Center

   Anna Thomas, Assistant Principal, Stoneview ES

   Ralph Simpson, Central Office Administrator

   Carol Thedford, Principal, Miller Grove HS

   Matthew Priester, Principal, Redan MS

   Alvin Edwards, Assistant Principal, Redan MS

   Stephanie Amey, Principal, Columbia MS

   Quinton Ward, Assistant Principal, Columbia MS

   Lisa Watkins, Assistant Principal, Lithonia MS

   Sheila A. Johnson, Assistant Principal, Lithonia MS

Angela Moton, Principal, Lakeside HS

   Cindy Mosley, Assistant Principal, Lakeside HS

Jill Dorsett, Principal, Freedom MS

   Vanthony Smith, Principal, Towers HS

James Jackson, Principal, Tucker HS

Sean Tartt, Principal, Narvie J. Harris ES

   Vanthony Smith, Principal, Towers HS

Kenn Baker, Principal, M.L.K. HS 

Shelton D. Wright, Principal, Flat Rock ES 

Rachael Zeigler, Principal, Marbut ES 

James Jones, Principal, McNair HS

Sean Perkins, Assistant Principal, McNair HS 

Robert Wright, Assistant Principal, Stephenson MS 

James Berry, Former Principal, Atheron ES

Doretha Alexander, Former Assistant Principal, Atherton ES

Joe ReedPrincipal, Lakeside HS

Debra Bell, Assistant Principal, Lakeside HS

Karen Davis, Assistant Principal, Lakeside HS

Cindy Mosley, Assistant Principal, Lakeside HS

Jo-Anne Branch, Assistant Principal, Tucker HS

Ledra Jackson, Principal, Flat Rock ES

Cedric Masten, Assistant Principal, Clarkston HS

Lloyd McFarlane, Principal, McLendon ES

Robert Thorpe, Principal, Shamrock MS

Augretta Tutson, Principal, Briar Vista ES

Katrina Massey, Assistant Principal, Briar Vista ES

Julie Martin, Principal, Sagamore Hills ES

Angela Moton, Principal, Lithonia HS

  Uras Agee, Principal, Columbia HS

Shelia Johnson-Reese, Principal, Redan MS 

Brian Bolden, Principal, Stephenson HS

Duchess Wilburg, Principal, Stephenson HS

Ronald Stephens, Principal, Southwest DeKalb HS

Eden Clark, Instructional Coach

Candace Alexander, Principal, Cedar Grove MS

 Rosemary Malone, Principal, Idlewood ES

 Melanie Beaver, Assistant Principal, Idlewood ES

 Freddy Perry, Assistant Principal, Elizabeth Andrews HS


Douglas County Schools

   Anthony Howell, Principal, Crossroads Alternative School

   Judy Starrett, Central Office Administrator

  Michelle Ruble, Human Resources

Sean Kelly, Principal, Chapel Hill HS



 Dougherty County Schools
Hamilton David, Principal, South Georgia Regional Achievement Center 


Fayette County Schools


Ted Lombard, Principal, Booth MS

Audrey Toney, Director

Jospeh C. (Jody) Barrow, Superintendent

Terry Oatts, Assistant Superintendent

Erin Robinson, Human Resources 

Fulton County Schools


Robert Avossa, Superintendent 

Ron Wade, Human Resources 

Grant Rivera, Principal, Westlake HS

Denine Cadet, Principal, Campbell ES

      Anita Willingham, Principal, McLarin Alternative

   Janis Harper, Assistant Principal, Mt. Olive ES

   Samuel Taylor, Assistant Superintendent

      Sandra DeShazier, Principal, Renaissance ES

        Barbara McGuire, Administrator, Staff Services

   Theresa McGuire, Coordinator, Physical Education

   Juanita Nelson, Principal, Hapeville ES

         William Bradley, Principal, Banneeker HS

      Shannon Flounnory, Principal, Stonewall Tell ES

   Vickie Warren, Administrator, Personnel

   Iris Moran, Central Office Administrator

   Vanessa Johnson, Principal, Liberty Point ES

   Lori Fanning, Central Office Administrator

   Gregory Middleton, Principal, Tubman ES

   Christopher Askew, Principal, Randolph ES

   Emily Massey, Principal, Seaborn Lee ES

   Maureen Wheeler, Principal, Renaissance MS

   Eldrick Horton, Principal, Feldwood ES

   Gail Dean, School Board Member

      Josephine Richmond-Miller, Principal, Lewis ES

   Vivian Randolph, Assistant Principal, Woodland MS

        Adrienne Walton Principal, Gullatt ES

     Jerome Huff, Principal, Roswell HS

Shirley Shields, Assistant Principal, Randolph ES

Dara Jones Wilson, Principal, Lake Forest ES

Andre Wright, Principal, Woodland MS

Debbie Pernice, Principal, Ocee ES 

Deanna Rogers, Assistant Principal, Randolph ES

Catherine Smith, Principal, Evoline C. West ES

Lenora Patterson, Principal, Hopewell MS

Tammye Coachman, Assistant Principal, Stonewall Tell ES

Carlene Millen, Principal, A, Phillip Randolph ES


Gilmer County Schools

     Julie Martin, Assistant Superintendent

     Carla Foley, Principal, Gilmer HS


 Glynn County Schools


Robert Spence, Principal, Brunswick HS

Debbie Bennett, Diretor of Human Resources 


Greene County Schools


Cindy Brictson, Administrator (formerly Principal in Clayton County)


Griffin-Spalding County Schools


Eclan David, Principal, Carver Road MS 

Brenda Ford, Principal, Kennedy Road MS 

Andy Matthews, Human Resources

Gloria Brown, Assistant Principal, Carver Road MS

Gwinnett County Schools


Alvin Wilbanks, Superintendent

      Sid Camp, Administrator, Human Resources

     Joyce Spraggs, Director of Internal Resolution

     Jonathan Patterson, Principal, Norcross HS

   Peggy Goodman, Principal, Five Forks MS

   Colleen Sullivan, Assistant Principal, Gwin Oaks ES

Laurie Allison, Central Office Administrator

Cheri Griffin, Assistant Principal, Peachtree ES 

Kay Sands, Principal, Trickum MS

  Angie Wright, Principal, Craig ES 

Yvonne Frey, Principal, Ivy Creek ES

 Dion Jones, Principal, Roberts ES

Crystal Collins, Principal, Magill ES

Doris Jones, Principal, Britt ES

Georgann Eaton, Principal, Sweetwater MS

Ammie Butorac, Assistant Principal, Sweetwater MS

Terry Watlington, Principal, Norton ES

 Gene Taylor, Principal, Lilburn MS 

Melissa Madsen, Assistant Principal, Britt ES

Maryanne Grimes, Principal, Central Gwinnett HS

Eric Parker, Principal, Shiloh HS

Ruth Tomlinson, Prinicpal, Corley HS

Susan Bearse, Principal, Berkeley Lake ES 

Karen Lillard, Principal, Beaver Ridge ES 

Monique Lee, Principal, South Gwinnett HS 

 Emily Keag, Principal, Suwanee ES


Hall County Schools

   Tamara Etterling, Principal, Martin ES

   Richard Hill, Administrator, Human Resources


Hancock County Schools


Felicia Evans, Assistant Principal, M. E. Lewis ES

   Willie Gibson, Principal, Hancock Central HS



 Harris County Schools


Janice Owens, Principal, Park ES

Jackie Linter, Principal, Pine Ridge ES


Hart County Schools


Jerry Bell, Superintendent

Robert W. Brown, Principal, Hart County Schools

   David Buddenbaum, Principal, North Hart ES


Henry County Schools


Ross Iddings, Principal, Ola HS

      James McNealey, Jr., Principal, Austin Road ES

Jay Fowler, Principal, Rock Creek ES 

Sonya Ayannuga, Princpal, Rocky Creek ES 

   Attenya Scott, Principal, Locust Grove ES


 Houston County Schools


Traci Jackson, Principal, Shirley Hills ES

Mathew Dewitt,  Assistant Principal, Shirley Hills ES



Jeff Davis County Schools

   Lula Mae Perry, Superintendent



Marietta City Schools 


Grant Rivera, Superintendent 

Jeffrey Mosley, Principal, Dunleith ES


McDuffie County Schools


Mychele Rhodes, Superintendent

Cecil Strong, Principal, Thomson HS



 Montgomery County Schools

 Randy Rodgers, Superintendent

Pamela Jean RichardsPrincipal, Montgomery County HS

Eric McDonald, Assistant Principal, Montgomery County HS 


Murray County Schools

   Vicky Reed, Superintendent

Mike Tuck, School Attorney

Danny Dunn, Assistant Superintendent

Maria Bradley, Principal, North Murray HS


Muscogee County Schools

David Lewis, Superintendent    

      Melvin Blackwell, Central Office Administrator

  Veronica CollinsCentral Office Administrator

Johnny Freeman, Principal, Spencer HS

   Chris Lindsey, Principal, Carver HS

Shelia Precious Evans, Principal, Wesley Height ES


Newton County Schools


Miranda Jones, Principal, Rocky Plains ES     

Chris Haymore, Assistant Principal, Alcovy HS 

Sam Carpenter, Director of Human Resources 

Joy Scvella, Principal, Clements MS

Pamela Carter, Assistant Principal, Clements MS

Allison Jordan, Assistant Principal, Clements MS

Holly Johnston, Assistant Principal, Portadale ES

Shari Thomas, Principal, Livingston ES

LaMoyne Brunson, Princiapal, Fairview ES 

Yoli Curry, Assistant Principal, Fairview ES 


      Paulding County Schools

      Lynne Turner, Administrator, Personnel

     Laverne Suggs, Director, Special Education

Stan Ingram, Principal, East Paulding County MS 


Pike County Schools

   Tammy Bell, Principal, Pike ES



Polk County Schools


Robin Hunter, Technology Coordinator 



Rockdale County Schools


Brian Travis, Principal, Peeks's Chapel ES 

Tiwon Toney, Principal, C. J. Hicks ES 

 Sonya Mosley, Principal, Peeks Chapel ES



Twiggs County Schools


Tapuwa Makaya, Principal, Twiggs County HS 


The answer to the MACE Scavenger Hunt is O.C.G.A. 20-2-210(d).  Call the MACE Office!  You may be the first MACE Member to have found the answer!  We have the time when you call the MACE Office.  Therefore, the MACE Member who calls the office first with the answer will win the $100.00!  Leave a message with the ladies, telling them the exact code section above!  Good luck!  See you at the MACE Holiday BASH on December 12! 

Laulita Horton of Atlanta was the first MACE Member to call in with this answer!

 Laulita wins $100.00!



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