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Rep. Darryl Jordan, a valued MACE member, drops The Teacher Bill of Rights into the hopper!


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     MACE is that "radical teachers union" that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution talks about and so describes. But why is MACE "radical"? Because teachers are currently given no respect in Georgia. In many Georgia schools, administrators treat teachers like dogs, blaming the teachers for every ill within the public schooling process. That's why MACE is a "radical teachers union." MACE does not accept the stupid and sophomoric notion that if students aren't learning, then it is automatically the teachers' fault. This concept is radically wrong. It is based on erroneous theory. Public schools are not assembly lines with teachers working on inanimate and equitably-divided raw materials. This bureaucratic, assembly-line (a la Max Weber) approach to the public schooling process is radically wrong-headed, and this ill-advised approach to public education produces radically wrong results. Administrators become angry and abusive. Parents become irate and irresponsible. Students become defiant and disruptive. All three groups (administrators, parents, and students) shift the responsibilities from their proper locations onto the professional laps of the teachers. It is a classic case of displacing the blame. Teachers can teach the students, but teachers cannot learn the students. (That's not even proper English.) No wonder our younger generation of college students do not want to be professional educators! They have witnessed teachers being treated so unprofessionally for so long. This is why MACE is a "radical teachers union." MACE radically addresses radically wrong premises, radically wrong situations, and radically wrong treatment.

     Yes, as long as the treatment of public school teachers is radically wrong, MACE will continue to address this issue radically. Any other response would be radically wrong. With MACE, teachers get the respect that they deserve, and, unlike GAE and PAGE, MACE represents only teachers, not administrators. Hey, that is radical!

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